Five Piece Combo Campaign Ends Soon!

THANK YOU to everyone who’s shown their support for our next recording project by backing our Five Piece Combo campaign to release a recording of the suites for wind quintet by Don Gillis! If you’ve been waiting to contribute, now’s the time! We are making great progress, but we are still about $1000 away from reaching our goal, with only 44 hours to go.

In case you’re new to Kickstarter, the way it works is that if we don’t reach our goal, we don’t get any of the money, and you won’t be charged. This ensures that when the campaign is over, we have enough funding to complete the project to the standards we’ve set forth, and you’ll receive your CD or other reward. Click here to become a backer and help us reach our goal!

We’d like to thank the latest round of backers who’ve helped us get this far: Rick Hardy, Ryan & Heather Hyde Wargo, Glenn Coates, Rachel Woolf, Peter Magganas, one of our favorite composers Sean Friar, K Sheeran, Sharon Thompson, Becky Emory, Aleks Karjaka, Linda Kurita, Debbie Brooks, Heather Schimp-Test, Rodolfo Martinez, Brian H, Chapman Welch, Manzar Elahi, Philip, Thomas & Lisa Leise, Mark P, the RAINZ Wind Quintet, Kate Pritchett, Chris Dickhaus, Alyssa Hedenstrom, Linda Lancaster, Christian Ortiz, Claire Choquette, Liz, David MacDonald, Ann Thiemann, Melanie Pozdol, and Helen Schenk.