MWQ Five Piece Combo Tour

We are gearing up for the release of Five Piece Combo: The Complete Suite for Wind Quintet by Don Gillis on Ravello Records, November 13, 2015! Kickstarter rewards are going out soon, and we’re on tour next week in Texas playing music from the album along with a few other selections.

Final Five piece Combo Poster

Here’s our tour program (to be selected from the following):

Suite No. 1 for Woodwind Quintet, “The Fable of the Tortoise and the Hare” – Don Gillis (1912-1978)

  1. They’re Off
  2. Bre’er Rabbit Dreams
  3. And Mr. Tortoise Wins the Race

Suite No. 2 for Woodwind Quintet, “Three Sketches” – Don Gillis

  1. Self Portrait
  2. Sermonette (Southern Style)
  3. Shadows

Suite No. 3 for Woodwind Quintet, “Gone with the Woodwinds” – Don Gillis

  1. Five Piece Combo
  2. “Take Five” Blues
  3. A Frolic in B-Bop Major

Allegro and Arioso – Ingolf Dahl (1912-1970)

Suite para quintetto de instrumentos de sopro – Oscar Lorenzo Fernández (1897-1948)

  1. Pastoral – Crepusculo no Sertão
  2.  Fuga – Sacy – Pererê
  3. Canção – Canção Da Madrugada
  4. Scherzo – Alegria da Manhã

Short Winds – Sean Friar (b. 1985)

  1. Wiggle Room
  2. Lick Machine