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Five Piece Combo (Ravello Records, 2015) features the previously unrecorded suites for wind quintet by Don Gillis (1912-1978), a delightfully quirky Texas composer best known for his Symphony No. 5 ½ (“A Symphony for Fun”), and his work as legendary producer for the NBC Symphony Orchestra under Toscanini. (learn more…)

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Madera’s first album Five at Play (Crescent Phase Records, 2012) showcases new works for wind quintet discovered through a call for scores that elicited more than 130 entries.

Five at Play features premiere recordings of works by Sean Friar, Daniel Nass, Carl Schimmel, Peter Nickol, and Philip Wharton, along with a commissioned piece written for Madera by Sarah Page Summar.

“That the album tests each instrument, asking it to move just a little afield of its idiom, reveals five young musicians who are fit for the stage but needed in the studio to mentor the coming generation of players.” — Lucinda Breeding, Denton Record-Chronicle Arts Editor

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